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The Wizzard of New Hope

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The Wizzard of New Hope

Originally published, July 20, 2012 on BUCKS LIFE

Local reporting is nearly nonexistent these days. Though, “personal reporting,” as I like to call it—Facebook status updates, Tweeting and the like—is running rampant. The most interesting of it borders on mundane, and yet the majority of us are completely absorbed.

The Facebook page titled “New Hope PA,” however, is drawing lots of attention—well over 10,000 “likes” and counting—while saying something worthwhile and filling a growing void in the process. Charlie Sahner, the page’s founder and administrator, is consistently engaging large chunks of his audience in zoning debates, news of local store and restaurant successes and failures and even real-time reports, like when the Friday night-fireworks were halted after a couple rounds in early July.

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