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NO SHARING!  Really.

salad-barWhen I was in high school I worked in the mall at Souper Salad.  One of our jobs was to bust people who tried to share their order for the all-you-can-eat salad bar.

Hell, they were warned.  The sign said “NO SHARING.”

Our media-technology marketplace has effectively become one big no-sharing-salad-bar.

We no longer share a phone in our home.  We each have one.

I think its been a decade since I have said the phrase, “Hi, is Jim there?” or “Could you please leave him a message?”  You either reach Jim or you don’t.  Its certain and requires no social skills or encountering potential strangers, annoying roommates, or prying parents in the process.  And you don’t have to rely on others to help you, only a machine.

I recently learned that even if I have my very own cell phone, if I get an iPad, I have to get another one for that, to use it like a phone.  What?  What? What!  Another stingy money-grab for these cellular companies.

You used to make share-able mix tapes.  Ok, I wont go there.  You’ve heard it before and still you love your iTunes downloads that are only allowed on just a few of your machines.

Phoenix ClosingA local sign of the end of sharing, is the closing of our beloved bookstore, Phoenix Books, Lambertville, NJ.  This is just years after our video store closed in 2009 (see my 2009 Letter to the Editor on this pasted below).  Phoenix was dusty and kind of a rabbit warren of treasures, but also a place that required all kinds of sharing: of space, books, and conversation with strangers or staff.

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