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Luckily I bothered to read my recent “Update from the City of Lambertville” email and scroll down because buried at the bottom was a link to a survey asking residents what they thought of having their food scraps composted. This means picked up by the City with the regular trash and recycling.  Turns out, this is only part of the plan.

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Healthcare dot Digital Homework

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Healthcare dot Digital Homework

You may not be in school anymore but we all do “digital homework”, all the time.

You know what I mean.  It goes a little something like this.

“Hey,  you should really call my friend who can give you a job.  Her name is Sally and her phone number is – “

And before you can finish the person says, “Oh great!  Can you email that to me?”

Its all moving the stuff of pencil and paper, human face-to-face interaction to a redundant digital realm.  Its a time suck, and note stealer.  Often it leads to even more emailing.

I love notes.
Post-its, to-do lists, those old matchbooks with phone numbers on them… the stuff of memories and memory-building, tiny scraps of paper forcing us to recall.
But I love free time even more.
And having to go online to say something I’ve already conveyed, is driving a wedge between all of us and our beloved discretionary hours on earth.

Applying to Healthcare dot gov can’t be done on a Post-it, for sure.

enroll to do listYou gotta write-up a lot of information, and with that information about you they figure out how much, if any “tax credit” you will get, that you can apply as a discount on your monthly payment.

People bellyache about having to establish who they are BEFORE they can shop for a plan.
I’ve heard people say its a hindrance.


People should just be allowed to shop, dammit!

But these people don’t get the system, and most of all they don’t understand how it works for poor people.

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