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The Unknown Remembered Gate (for Dawn Raia)

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The Unknown Remembered Gate (for Dawn Raia)
Staff clean-up after flood

Staff clean-up after flood


Entering the new Caffe Galleria on Bridge Street in Lambertville is a strong reminder that all things do pass, even the worst of times, and with a little hope and a lot of effort, life can rise from the ashes, or in this case, outa deep water.

Summer of 2011 Dawn Raia’s Caffe Galleria Restaurant on Lilly Street, Lambertville was flooded from Hurricane Irene.

While Dawn quickly scrambled to get a new space to employ her team at the Lambertville House, on Bridge Street, getting this spot did not deter Dawn from establishing a permanent home for her restaurant down the street, in the old Church parsonage building, on Union Street.

When the new Caffe Galleria opened November 16, 2012, on Union Street, it was a well-timed encouragement to all of us still reeling after getting hit yet again just months earlier, from hurricane Sandy.  It was a big sign that said, no matter what happens, Dorothy, you will return home.


Opening of the new Caffe Galleria, Bridge Street, November 2012

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Sustainable Once More, With Style

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Sustainable Once More, With Style

It never ceases to amaze me, just when I think I have seen them all, I discover yet another inspired Hunterdon-Bucks artist who is making a unique, creative space, born from imagination, from the rubble of where they live.

Here, we are surrounded by beautiful places, and hundreds more people who paint those places.
But how often do you encounter an artist who is actually creating landscape?

You can leave out the developers who have systematically changed our vistas with condo developments and McMansions.  I am referring to someone who is purposefully crafting landscape with living things.

I met one last Sunday, William “Bill” Wyman.  He co-hosted a tour of his personal forest, with Hunterdon Land Trust, at his home in Stockton, NJ, an incredibly gorgeous compound of buildings that once again made me exclaim,

“Damn there’s some hot houses tucked away around this town!”  







Wyman has designed the house to connect with the native plant forest that surrounds it, which he has cultivated for the past two decades.  

Forest viewing walkway from house.

Viewing walkway from house, spans over forest, with seating area at end.


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